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The petrochemical hauling industry is a challenging environment, so we make safety our TOP PRIORITY.

Sprint Transport strives to be an industry leader in all things safety. We have achieved this by working closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure we are implementing best practices and always staying ahead of industry challenges. Our customers demand the highest level safety at their facilities and the roadway, so at Sprint Transport safety is focused on daily. We hold ourselves accountable to these safety standards by conducting regular safety meetings and inspections. Below are some of the many safety features that you find on our equipment.

  • Lane Departure Notification: the driver is automatically notified if the vehicle begins to deviate from its lane

  • Adaptive Cruise Control: will automatically adjust truck's speed in various traffic conditions

  • Anti Rollover Stability Control: this technology prevents possible rollovers

  • Self Governing Speed Technology: onboard camera detects speed limits and regulates the truck's speed accordingly

  • Hard Braking and Excessive Acceleration: alerts electronically sent to management when these events occur

  • Forward Facing Cameras: these are used to capture any critical events that might occur

  • Anti Rollover Stability Control: this technology prevents possible rollovers

  • Disc Brakes: provides better braking abilities and long-term usage

  • Garnet Gauges: this is a digital liquid level gauge that allows operators to easily determine product level in the trailer

  • Ground Level Vapor Recovery: this allows full operation of the trailer without any personnel to be on top of trailer


Our drivers are specially qualified for hazmat chemical transportation with an average of 10+ years trucking experience. Each driver undergoes an extensive background and drug test prior to employment with Sprint Transport. Since the transportation of bulk liquids is a specialized sector within the trucking industry, we require that our drivers have over 2 years of cargo tank experience. Prior to employment all drivers undergo and extensive training program with our highly decorated training department regardless of prior experience.


Our program consists of both classroom training and in depth hands on training course. Driver candidates are trained on a variety of subjects such as DOT rules and regulations, loading and unloading procedures, and thorough inspection of equipment to ensure safe and timely deliveries.

  • Class A Commercial Driver’s License

  • X Endorsement (Tank/Hazmat Endorsement)

  • TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Card) Card Current DOT Physical


At Sprint Transport, we employ our own mechanics at all of our terminal locations. All of our equipment is thoroughly inspected and maintained on strict time and mileage intervals. Our fleet is made up of newer model Freightliner and Kenworth tractors as well as Brenner and Polar chemical tank trailers that help us provide dependable equipment for our customers. Our modern fleet of tractors are equipped with numerous safety features by brands such as Bendix, Meritor, Lytx and ISAAC Instruments.


In order to be a national carrier in the hazmat transportation industry, a company must go through rigorous testing by local, state, and federal agencies. Sprint Transport possesses numerous permits that allow us to be carrier of choice by our customers across the nation. Some of these permits and organizations are:

  • State of Texas: TCEQ Stormwater permit, Sludge Transporter, Railroad Commission Approved

  • Federal: USDOT Hazmat Registration, UCR
    (Unified Carrier Registration) 

  • Organization Participants: Chemtrec, ISNetWorld,
    Houston Council of Safety Professionals

  • Louisiana Permits, Louisiana Transporter Code
    Louisiana EPA ID carrier

  • EPA ID carrier, holder of multiple state permits
    (AR, CA, MO, CO, KS, KY, OK, MI, NV, WV, and others)

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